The Beauty Behind the Brand

The Story

Above Rubies Beauty & Co. was founded and birthed on October 22, 2020. The CEO, Asia Sade Caffey, had given her testimony which entails of her battles with depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of self-esteem and body issues, drug and alcohol addiction, identity crisis, a failed marriage and a host of other failing moments.
Ultimately her testimony is a story of GOD’s unfailing Love, Grace and Mercy! Over the years, she has truly seen how GOD has shined upon her! She gained true confidence because she realized just how Beautiful her life was and still is today! It was in that moment, of empowering others with her very own story that GOD had given her the name for a beauty inspired brand that would not only provide products, accessories and services to enhance the outward beauty of women but would also cater to the internal beauty that all of GOD’s creation beholds.
Beyond makeup, waxing, mink lashes, luxury lip gloss and an amazing skin care line, Above Rubies Beauty & Co. hosts signature events and retreats called Beauty & Brunch. These exclusive events are designed to connect, empower and uplift both Men and Women to become their greatest selves. They are designed to build up individuals and provide love and a safe place to get what they need to keep pressing onward and inward to the true Beauty of their lives.
Asia Sade Caffey wants every Man, Woman, Boy and Girl to be happy, healthy, healed, whole and free! It is her desire to impart love and beauty into the hearts of everyone she encounters. She wants all to know that there is Beauty in your pain, there is Beauty in your past, there is Beauty in your present and there is Beauty in your Future. Tap into the Beauty within You & get connected to Above Rubies Beauty & Co.
With Love,
The Beauty Behind the Brand